All services and programs, with the exception of “Cooking for Wellness” and “How to Read Nutrition Labels,” can be done in person or remotely through Email, over the phone, or Google Hangouts.

Lifestyle Management
$200 per month

This monthly program teaches and promotes living a healthy lifestyle by improving their health, reducing health risks, and creating healthy behaviors. Clients meet with nutrition coach on a weekly basis for one hour and receive individualized education and tools to make lifestyle changes that last.

Cooking for Wellness
$250 per month (includes all supplies); Every Sunday *coming soon*

The Cooking for Wellness program is a monthly program that meets as a group for 2 hours each Sunday. In this program, you will learn the fundamentals of nutrition that is based around the theme of that week as well as hands on cooking a delicious, highly nutritious meal. The first hour will be spent learning about the nutrition of the meal and the second hour will be spent cooking and creating the meal. You will also get to take the recipe home for you to keep. All supplies needed for this program are included in the cost of the program.

Health and Wellness Coaching Session
$50 per hour session (save $25 when you prepay for the month)

A focused session on a topic of your choice relating to health and wellness.

Mindful Eating for Lasting Change
$100 per week (save $25 when you prepay for the month)

Using our signature program “Mindful Eating for Lasting Change,” learn how to eat mindfully with full awareness to release weight and gain confidence. With this program, you will receive 7-day meal plans with recipes included.

How to Read Nutrition Labels
$50 per monthly class

This class is held on the third Saturday of each month. It is a 1.5-hour class that teaches how to properly read a nutrition label, what the ingredients are and mean, and what to avoid.

Total Health and Wellness Makeover
$800 prepaid 2-month program

4 Health and Wellness Coaching sessions, 3 Mindful Eating for Lasting Change sessions, Cooking for Wellness 1-month program, How to Read Nutrition Labels, and 4 Lifestyle Management sessions. This program is scheduled at times of your convenience, except for “How to Read Nutrition Labels” and “Cooking for Wellness.”