Insightful Reflection


“Life is like a river. With all its bends and rapid falls, one must follow the right path or you’ll lose your way to the sea.” – Albert Einstein

I have been through quite a bit of trauma in my life and have always viewed it as life’s tests. I choose to not believe that there is something bigger out there that causes harm, so instead, I view all troubles as a test of how you are going to handle it.

I have also always viewed rivers as beautiful, yet unpredictable. They can beĀ calm and soothing. They can be fierce and intimidating. They can be still. They can be violent. They can love. They can hurt. So on and so forth. But, at the end of the day, the unpredictability follows the river’s path and ends in something that is much bigger than itself (ocean, lake, etc). The parts that do not follow the river’s path, end up stagnant, with nowhere to go.

Life is the same way. It can be beautiful, yet unpredictable. All of the same things apply. And the end result is the exact same. If we follow the path that we are intended to follow, we end up with something much bigger than ourselves, depending on the belief system. For me, this is enlightenment/awakening. Crossing over the bridge after death. Living an afterlife in paradise. For some, it could be heaven. For some it could be another life. The point is, we must follow on our true path of authenticity in order to find the sea at the end.