New Beginning Belief System


My powerful words for 2018 are empowerment and intentional. 2018 is going to be a year of self discovery and spiritual awakening. I plan to document everything and at the end of the day I hope to empower people all over to be the very best that they can be, in all aspects of life. I am taking back my power and my life. I am taking back my control. And everything that I do will be done consciously and on purpose.

Now, this isn’t to say that I won’t make mistakes. I’m sure that I will make plenty of them. What this does mean is that I will not mistakenly hand over my power, confidence, or control to anyone for any reason. I am going to live my life the best way that I can, for me and as I see fit.

Tonight, my husband and I were talking (more like I was talking and he was pretending to listen) and the topic of beliefs had gotten brought up. I told him that just because we were taught to believe one thing when we were growing up, does NOT mean that it is the right thing or the only way. We must evaluate our beliefs, as adults, and change what needs to be changed in order to better serve ourselves and live our lives with intent.

More often than not, as adults, we do things because we don’t know any other way of doing it. Parenting our children comes from the way we were raised and parented. Choices we make are based on what we were taught to believe. We were pretty much programmed into the life that we live. And the reason for this is simple…

…our parents did the exact same thing that their parents did. Skate through life on belief systems that someone else taught us and told us was right. And we are now doing the same thing.


…we are skating through life on belief systems that someone else taught us and told us was right.

So just because someone said something was right makes it truth?

Hold on.

Back up.

No. No. No. No. No.

What happened to US? What happened to individuality? What happened to being our own person and living our own life and thinking for ourselves? Why do our parents values (or lack thereof) have to become ours? What if we wanted to be productive and organized but our parents completely sucked at it and felt that life should be lived by flying by the seat of our pants? What if we want to be truth seekers but our parents follow whatever the “norm” is at the time? What if we want to be spiritual but our parents view spirituality as a hoax or a sin? What if we want to be authors but our parents looked at that as merely a dream? What if we want to be our own person but our parents are living their life vicariously through us?

Bet ya never thought of that, eh? Nope. Why not? Because we were programmed to believe that these things just are. That we are the way we are because it’s in the blood. That we are not allowed to do or believe certain things because they aren’t right.

I’m sure we can all think of things that fit in each of those categories.

Well, I can tell ya right now that if I lived my life by what was in my blood line, I’d probably be either in prison on in a casket. I choose better for myself.

We have 10 days before the new year starts. I invite everyone to build their own belief system before 2018 begins. Since there are 10 days left, I’m going to choose 10 areas of life that deserve its very own belief system. Each day, we will write out what we were raised to believe on the front of one page and then what we want to believe on the back of that page. Good, bad, or indifferent. This activity takes a lot of digging and a lot of honesty, but I promise that in the end, you will truly thank yourself. I’ll even do it with you!

Day 1 – Marriage (as a whole)
Day 2 – Husband
Day 3 – Wife
Day 4 – Mother
Day 5 – Father
Day 6 – Employee
Day 7 – Employer
Day 8 – Friend
Day 9 – Member of Society
Day 10 – Yourself (as an individual)

Remember, some days have the opposite role. That is ok. Write out what you were shown as a child to believe and what you want to believe as an adult. If you are a wife, you still need a belief system on what a husband is and what a husband is not. And vice versa.

I will post mine each day and then on January 1, I will reveal what the next step is in changing your mindset and walking your own truth.

Love & Light



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